Novels by Laurie Cook

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Laurie Cook is from a rural community in Saskatchewan, Canada and after retirement,  decided to try her hand at writing the types of books she loves to read.  It has been such an enjoyable experience, that she continues to write and develop the ideas she has gathered over the years.  Laurie was raised on the family farm before moving to her own rural home and over the years has had many cats, dogs, horses and other assorted pets and animals that have enriched her life.  As she likes to add a little humor to her stories, these experiences help to offer inspiration for events in her books.  She lives with her husband, two cats and dog.

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  in progress.

AN ELF’S HOMECOMING (The Goldenfell Saga – Book 1) published January 2015.



Thomaline was an Elven warrior and Brandt was the man who had saved her life.  Together they would make the long and dangerous journey back to her homeland of Goldenfell.

TROUBLE IN THE LAND  (The Goldenfell Saga – Book2) published  January 5, 2016 –



Eighty years after Thomaline and Brandt returned to her homeland of Goldenfell, the Elves are once again facing danger, but this time from a new and unknown foe.  With Brandt at her side, Thomaline must find a way to save them all.

the-ghostly-guardian-print-cover  THE GHOSTLY GUARDIAN, published February, 2015


Sam had finally purchased the house of her dreams, but instead of being able to enjoy her new home, she is encountering a few problems.  Her brother is back in town and bringing his various troubles to her door while odd things keep happening in her house.  It seems that a “little something extra” might have come with the old place.

Print CoverIS SOMEONE WATCHING, published April, 2015


During one summer many years ago, something had tried to take Carrie away!  Her brother Sean was thinking that it might be back and that Carrie was in danger once again.

6 9 Print Book Front Cover For A Lingering Evil  Published September, 2016


In 1934 Milton Wellar and his family disappear. Eighty years later, Shannon Carlyle planned to use the story of the Wellar House as the basis for a new novel. Unfortunately, Shannon and her husband Robbie get a little more involved in the history of the house than planned. It would need the help of new friends, a little humor, a whole lot of luck and even a bit of other worldly inspiration to solve the mystery

6-x-9-print-cover   New mystery released April 22, 2017

Following her husband’s death, Tessa takes a new job and moves back to her old home town of White Rock.  As she settles into her new home, the last person she expects to encounter is her old high school’s most celebrated heart throb – especially as the man in question died five year earlier!   Despite what the official report stated, Declan Gallagher knew that his death had been no accident and now that he is “back”, he wants the truth.  Why he had been drawn to his old friend’s sister is a mystery, but Declan is certain that Tessa can help him find his answers. After her initial shock, Tessa must find a way to communicate with her “guest”.  She will also need the help of her cat, best friend and the Chief of Police as their search for new clues points them towards the person who may be responsible for Declan’s death, but will they be able to find the proof needed to solve the case?


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