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  1. This is the start of my blogging exercise. My journey into the world of writing and publishing began last year when I was reading a Murder/Mystery set in England. The book’s main suspect was an author of Indie-Books. This fact opened up a whole new world for me – who knew that you could publish your own book? I researched a little on this subject and came across the Amazon information. Well okay. The first thing I needed to do was write a book! Little did I know that the actual task of writing was to be the easiest thing about this journey.

    I read fiction and I enjoy fantasy and mysteries and so decided to concentration on these two genres.

    I wrote my first book. I did my best to edit the material and had someone else go over it and then did one more edit. I was ready to publish (or so I thought)! It first thing I discovered was that I had manually made indentations to all my paragraphs and this turned out to be a big no-no. It was back to the drawing board to learn how to delete the manual indentations and set up the automatic process that fit the format required and then on to publishing. I selected a stock photo for the vision I had for my book and selected the appropriate settings and uploaded my book. The process as repeated on the Createspace site and there it was – a paperback version. One day later I have my first book ready for sale. Two days later, I sold my first book. My husband shook my hand and said congratulations – I was now a published author.

    Being greedy, I thought I should get my book out to more sites and proceeded run the gauntlet of publishing on the Smashwords site. Again – this was a major learning experience. For this site I used one of my own pictures to create a cover. It was a nightmare to get the picture sizing correct so that the site would accept it for the cover. Finally, it was published through Smashwords and ready to go out to other major e-book sites. I sold a book the first day on Smashwords! Wow!

    I was extremely impressed that someone found my books out of the millions that are out there, on these sites and then I was sorry that anyone had found it. The editing was terrible! I discovered the hard way that I am garbage at editing my own work. I really wish I could find the poor people that first purchased my book, so that I could apologize. The amazing thing was that no one returned it.

    I have revisited my books a number of times now and have fixed all there errors that I have found. The biggest reason for the errors was impatience. I just had to get some work out there. I have reworked some places as well and could probably keep doing so forever, but for now, it’s time to write another story.


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